These are the private investigation services that made us loved by customers and feared by subjects.


  • We specialize in video surveillance using state of the art  technology. 


  • One of our most experienced areas in Private Investigation revolves around infidelity.  Contact us today to see how we can give you peace of mind.


  • We have state of the art mobile tracking devices. You can see them in real time. Aerial pictures of their vehicle and at the location can prove your case.  Our skilled detective can place them discreetly on the vehicle. We will tack them 24/7. Call or email us for additional information regarding this service!  Your name must be listed on the title of the car.


We have 24 years of experience with the following private investigation services in Maryland.

Video Surveillance- We have earned the title of “video surveillance experts” due to the accolades earned by quality and results. We bring to the table 25+ years of capturing photographic evidence that is time and date stamped. Our high tech equipment includes image stabilizers, night vision and high power zoom capability.


Adultery- We are discreet yet invisibly aggressive. Our clients have long marveled at the results in difficult situations that we were able to produce. We comprehend the psyche of the cheater and we can out smart them even the most careful of subjects.


Insurance Fraud-  We have been working for doctors, hospitals, defense attorneys, insurance carriers and large companies for 25+ years. We have successfully helped to mitigate their claims through our evidence and expert testimony spanning decades. Again, we are the video surveillance experts!


Background Investigations- We tailor this type of investigation to what you are attempting to achieve. Each case is unique and we understand that. Call us to discuss your case.


Jury Polls- In certain types of cases we are asked to conduct a Jury Poll. We will contact the jurors and discuss various aspects of the case to ascertain the thinking that lead to the decision.


Asset Investigations- This again is a customized feature. Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.


Mobile Tracking- This service has very strict limitations. Your name must be on the title of the car either as the owner or co-owner.


Locate/Missing Persons- Yes we can help you find the person that you have been looking for! Our success rate is 96%.


Cell Phone Busts- We can do two things. One is that we can take an unknown number and tell you the name of who the bills are going to and the address. Secondly, we can locate a cell number for someone.


Forensic Cell Phone Evidence- Under certain circumstances we can show you texts that they have sent as well as a phone log history. Ask us if we can provide this service for you.


Employee Theft- There is nothing worse then having your own employee steal from you. W can help. Call us.

Family Law- We have been helping families in crisis for decades. Let us alleviate the burden. We work closely with both the attorneys and our client for maximum results. Areas of expertise include: Divorcee, Child Custody, Asset Investigations and more


Accident Scene Investigations- We can assist with liability issues.


Statements- We can locate the individual and get a statement on your behalf.


Data Search Department- Includes but not limited to MVA records and tags, phone numbers, addresses and much more!


Summons and Subpoena Service- We get the job done.


Additional Services:


Alive & Well Checks

Skip Traces

Land Lord Tenant

...And many more!  See a MD private investigation service not listed?  We can still help!  Contact us today for a free quote.


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