What to look for when hiring a Maryland Private Investigator.

In all professions there are good competent people and no so good. So you are putting your hard earned cash on the line. For many of you it will be a hardship to come up with the funds.

I realize that. I was in your shoes many years ago. The Private Detective that I hired in Baltimore really let me down. I got nothing and they promised me the moon. Here are some pointers:

1) Are they licensed in Maryland?

2) Ask them where their office is located and can you meet them there! Many have no office. So if there is a problem good luck finding them !

3) Do they seem to care about your situation, you will know in minutes that after you talk to them.

4) Do they have a "plan" to help you once they have listened to your story?

5) Is it just a website that you fill in your information and they will get back to you later? Who wants that ??!! I want to talk to a human being.

6) Are they promising you the moon?

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