The Cheating Wife in Baltimore Maryland

A Case Profile From last Weekend

A distraught husband contacted my detective agency. He said that he was sure his wife was cheating. She had stopped having sexual relations with him months ago. When he tried to talk to her about the state of their relationship she would either get mad and storm off or start crying and say that she didn't know what was wrong with her.

She would assure him that she did love him but was just going through something that she wasn't even sure herself what it was. She asked him to be patient and give her some room.

He said that she would go out at times that she never went out before. And would come home late. She would say that she was with her girlfriends but he was never invited. Finally she started leaving for the whole weekend. She told him she was going to a self help retreat. She said that the place was about an hour and a half away.

The car had the husbands name on the registration. Therefore we were able to place a “Tracker” on the vehicle. I installed the device. After that we sat back and watched. The "Tracker" is so precise that we knew precisely what time she was moving, the addresses where she went and how long she stayed. We even had photos of her car at the location.

Unbelievably we found that she was only going 2.5 miles from their home for the weekend ! She was hiding her car in a wooded area. We had photos and documentation of the vehicle in an area where she wasn't supposed to be.

Next, we went to the location where we knew she would be. Video evidence was obtained of her arriving and going into the house. She carried an overnight bag with her. We saw a male open the door and hug her as he let her in. The "Tracker" verified that she remained there all weekend. She never went to a retreat!

Additionally, we provided our client with:

A Background Investigation on the male

A complete report with photos of her car that were time and date stamped

A detailed report encompassing every where she went and the names of the stores or home owners

And video evidence of her with another male.

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