A "Background Investigation" in Montgomery County Maryland

This was a rather interesting case. But before I relate the facts of the assignment I wanted to say that you can conduct a Background Search for many reasons. Some may want to check out a significant other before the relationship goes to far. You may be involved in a lawsuit and want some background on the person suing you. Maybe an employer wants an in-depth search conduced before he makes a mistake and hires someone with a hidden past etc. The bottom line is that we can do it all !

A father contacted us and said that his daughters boyfriend and soon to be fiancé just didn't seem right to him. He didn't have any overt issues to support what or why he was unsure.

We feel that trusting your gut is a good thing and wow .................it was in this case.

Our team of investigative experts uncovered that he was not using the name he was born with. He had actually taken the identity of a dead man. Neither he nor the dead man had attended the college that he stated that he had graduated from. There was no record of him residing in the town where he said he had been several years ago.

Needless to say, the daughter moved on with out the man that was about to ruin her life or worse.

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