How Do I Prove Adultery In A Maryland Court ?

Question: Do you have to actually catch them in the act?

Answer: No, A third party that is not affiliated with either party such as a Licensed Private Detective will help you.

Question: What proof is required?

Answer: 1) they were inclined to commit adultery

2) the opportunity was there

3) they were both together at a time and place that afforded the opportunity

4) public displays of affection shows the inclination

5) we have to show that they had the opportunity because they went into

secluded place etc.

6) Forensic evidence from a cell phone and or computer

7) a unbiased third party such as a licensed Private Investigator was there

to document your case with a written notarized report, photos and

possibly video tape evidence.

These are just a few of the ways that we can help you solidify your case.

We realize that this is YOUR life that's being disrupted. Your feelings and emptions are on the line. Each situation is different and we are here to customize the investigation based upon what's happening to you. We are here to have your back. You are no longer alone !

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