How using a "Vehicle Tracker" caught a cheating significant other.

Case Study #1

I was retained to place a mobile tracker on a cheating spouses vehicle. Once the installation was completed it was time to watch the show. I could see her vehicle real time. I saw every turn she made and every stop. I documented the times and addresses of everywhere that she went.

vehicle tracker maryland

We opted to use the tracker because the husband felt that the wife was very savvy. He was certain that she would pull U-Turns and pull off the road and sit on the shoulder. He knew this because he had recently spent $2,500.00 to have another PI follow her. He lost her in traffic 4 times. When the money was gone he had nothing to show for it! He had also called another PI firm that offered to sell him a tracker and he would have to install it himself and figure out how to track her.

We did it all. During times like these don't you want someone to help take burden OFF you. Remember .........we've got your back! When you can't trust them, trust us.

Restrictions apply so contact us to discuss your case.

Case Study #2

A desperate husband came to me for help. He was distraught because he felt that his wife of 15 years was cheating. Whenever he would ask her she of course denied it. However, in his heart and soul he knew it. She had stooped having sexual relations with him, was gone a lot, had her cell phone locked, would go outside to talk on her phone, had the bills sent online to her private account and more.

The last straw as when she told him that she needed to go away on weekends to a retreat. She said that she was doing this for him. Her claims were that this would help save their marriage. He wanted to believe her so he agreed. Weekend after weekend she was gone.

Finally, after months he hired a Maryland Licensed Private Detective! We placed a tracker on her car and learned the very first night that she was NEVER at a retreat! She was actually a few miles away from their home with another man. She was parking her car in a wooded area so that no one would see her.

Once we knew the address and her schedule we went back and caught her on time and date stamped video! Case closed.

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