Why are we the BEST Detective agency in Maryland?

Most agencies want you to tell them what to do. That way when it doesn't go well..........they followed your instructions.

We are the real deal!!!

This past week I was working an assignment to try and locate someone and then obtain video evidence. What a bad case. I finally located his car. But it didn't leave the residence and was always in the same exact spot. I knew that something was wrong just by the fact that the car was not moving.

I conducted a phone bust and got his number. Then utilizing an appropriate pretext I called him. I was of course pretending to be something that I wasn't, hence the pretext. During the call he asked me to hold on. As I was holding on I was trying to listen to hear any background noises. I thought that I heard the National Anthem.

When he came back to the phone asked him if that was the National Anthem that was playing in the background and he said YES! Next I told him how much I loved football and was he near a stadium. He stated that he was and told me what stadium. He went on to tell me he was near there working construction.

When we hung up I rushed to that football stadium and asked the grounds crew if they had just played the National Anthem in the past 15-20 minutes. He said that they hadn't but the soccer stadium right across the street had. I then asked if construction was going on and he directed me right to the area.

The rest is history! Just another awesome case solved by Maryland Bureau of Investigations. We are the real deal :)!

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