A Maryland Private Investigator

I take as much information as possible during our free consultation then I get to work! I analysis ALL the date and gather my own too. There is a fine line between the client pushing you in the direction that they WANT you to go in and doing what you FEEL is right !

Case in point. My client gave me a photo of her boyfriend. She provided his vehicle information and a basic schedule. She was especially interested in what he did each Saturday morning. She insisted that he left mid morning and drove his car. But she didn't know where he went. That had been a secret. He gave vague information but nothing verifiable.

We began. The car never left. We called her and stated that in the morning when we went to the address there was a second car. We ran the tag and it came back to a man. She said that she wasn't interested in pursuing that. We were told to watch his vehicle.

Week two, the same thing happened. But this time we got a good look at the driver of the "other" car and it was a female. We called her as we were going mobile with that vehicle.

The long and short was that the female driver was actually "her boyfriend"! He wasn't cheating as far as being with another woman......he WAS the other woman. We did what we felt was best and busted the case.

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