Transsexual Investigation- Maryland Private Investigator

A Theft Investigation.

An upscale store began to notice that ladies clothing in a size 16 was being stolen. The items were very valuable. They hired me to watch the warehouse and see what was going on.

The first few days nothing happened that was note worthy. About a week later I saw the manager leave in the middle of the day. I followed him. We went to a gas station that still had an outdoor bathroom. You remember the kind. You needed a key on a big wooden stick. Then you walked around to side and let yourself in. Sure you remember the kind!

I watched and waited but he wasn't coming out. No one went in so I didn't know what he was doing.............maybe drugs? After about 45 minutes a female emerged. I liked closely and realized that this must be him in drag. I knew no one went in and the body size was the same. He took the key back into the station, entered the drivers side of his car and we went mobile.

He was followed to a park that I learned was frequented by gay men. He sat in his car and eventually entered the woods with another man. My client quickly recognized the dress as one of the many stolen articles of female cloths.

Another case solved by our expert team of investigative experts


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